Saturday, November 19, 2011

Inner Beauty - How Can You Find It?

What each of us keep bottled up inside is a great determinant of what we put out for others to see. Most times it does not talk of who or what we really are but shifts attention from what we truly want to that other flaw that we want to suppress.

Our temper, our mind disposition even our state of mind or intellectual ability often comes to war with what we want to put out there as society demands. What the society wants us to put out is what brings most of us down and makes us think less of ourselves.

What we fail to see is that inner beauty that exists within you. The being that is rooted deep in us is what we should use as a big part or our life. Finding that inner beauty is an issue that most of us has to deal with most days.

In us, we possess a great power or presence that we most times overlook because we want to make something out of ourselves to make people look differently at us.

Our inner being makes us who we really are and no matter how long we fight it, it will always come out. Our inner being is as strong as a wind after a heavy rain that always makes its presence felt even after the downpour.

In some of us, we find id difficult to see it and these leads many people to live a life that is devoid of peace, happiness and they see the worst in everything.
To come to peace with yourself, these are the ways at which you can bring out that TRUE beauty in you that people should see. These ways are:

Most people do not see that reason or logic behind this. They believe it is a waste of time. Meditation is a way of opening your mind and soul to everything that is real. It is a way of riding yourself of all fantasies so that you can come to peace with who you are and throw out what you want to pretend to be just to be well liked. Meditation allows you to open up your third eye to see everything that is good about you and your life.

This involves finding what makes you happy and sticking to it by making it an integral part of you at all times and all ways possible. Most research indicates that people that find something to do with their time have less time to worry about what others see in them that are faulty or less useful. It does not have to be what we love. It just have to be what can make a good impression on other people.

People dig holes for themselves when they feel something is not going as expected and they see nothing good in themselves. Self-affection is what everyone must have to make it possible for you to push yourself to become a better person. You must always do something to make yourself happy. Do things that bring that beauty in you. Everything falls into place when you have a peace in your mind. Your inner beauty is what makes this something possible to do. Your inner being is what allows you to see the beauty in your ways and in what you find joy in doing no matter how stupid others might think it is.

A dedicated person does not have any problem excelling in what they do. They are just reeking of beauty all around them that people does not notice those bad things they do. When you are dedicated to your job; to your family, to your career; it makes you a happy person because all your expectations are met. The peace you feel in your inner consciousness makes it possible for you to do everything at peace. It has no serious hard work to it just the mind that everything is going well and as it should be.

Your inner beauty is what makes your spirit soar when you feel a little depression setting in. When you allow a portion of your life to be dedicated to your spiritual being the result is a feeling that stays with you for a long time. It makes you a fulfilled person and you also see yourself in a way you have never seen yourself. You seem like a new happier person.

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