Thursday, November 17, 2011

True Beauty Radiates From The Inside Out

Beauty is about far more than looks. Sure, finding the right product can make you look great on the outside. But beauty is about personality and depth of character as well as how we look on the outside. It is about what is hidden deep in the soul. It is a reflection of our humanity.

Beauty is far more what we are than what we appear to be. Looks of course do matter but true beauty encompasses the internal as well as external looks. So beauty radiates from the inside out. When we feel good on the inside we become more empowered and able to surround ourselves with the goodness we deserve. We in turn show up in the world as bright lights and confident people. We can be more supportive and most importantly live authentically.


Inner beauty is about seeing the world and appreciating the moment.

There is an old Native American Indian saying that states: "we walk in beauty far more often than we realize"

If you live authentically and in the present- the you will see everything in front of you rather than focusing on your worries in your mind. How many of you walk in a beautiful place such as the beach or a park and focus on other worries and issues rather than seeing or noticing what is in front of you?

Live in the here and now. See everything in front of you. See the beauty in others


Speaking from the heart is inner beauty. Speaking the truth and communicating in a respectful and deliberate way. Say things that make others feel great. Compliment people. Tell loved ones how you feel. Truth is inner harmony


Listening to what is ACTUALLY being said is inner beauty. Listen wholly - focus your attention. Listen with your eyes and your ears. Listen to the sounds in your environment. What do you notice? Listen to the voices that tell you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Listen and absorb the compliments that come your way The deeper we look the more we will see things of value.

Embrace that we are ALL different True beauty lies inside us and holds the keys for unlocking doors. Real beauty has depth and its roots lie in our souls. Inner beauty is about having self-esteem. It is about taking care of yourself and nurturing yourself

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